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A Letter From The President

To all Wild Forever Foundation (WFF) members and supporters, my name is Lisa Conary and I am the newly elected president of WFF. I started with WFF in 2002 and have worked as a rehabber, answering the phones, center supervisor and held multiple positions on the Board of Directors. I have also attended many community events as a representative of WFF. I am sharing these past experiences because I feel I have an unique understanding of WFF and its opportunities, I am fully vested in the success of the Foundation.

With that said, its with great pleasure that I am able to report to you that WFF is alive and fighting. We had a rough 3rd quarter but the worse is behind us. WFFs Board of Directors made the decision to close down our administrative office. It became obvious that by reducing administrative costs WFF could better focus our resources on maintaining the animal care, advocacy and WFFs ultimate goal of a Wildlife Rehabilitation Center. We have spent the last few months reorganizing and evaluating WFF. We know that one of our most immediate priorities is to fix our communications. We will be rolling out a new website that will provide more online resources regarding wildlife. Another of our immediate priorities is manning our phone lines and we ask for your patience as we work to staff the phones appropriately. We are also committing to producing a newsletter three times a year as another way of keeping you informed of our progress on our mission and goals. And finally, are updating our Facebook page more regularly with different types of information that could be useful and interesting.

I assure, you we remain dedicated to the care of our animals and the support of our rehabilitators. This is the ultimate reason for WFF to exist. I also assure you that no animal in our care has suffered during our time of reorganization. Only you, our supporters, have suffered in our lack of communications. I want to thank you for your belief in our organization and the services we provide. If no one speaks for the wildlife in our community, they will suffer from a lack of care and that is a prospect we cannot conceive of. I hope you feel the same renewed optimism I do and continue to support Wild Forever Foundation and its mission.

Lisa Conary